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4×4 Response Wales has its origins in a Powys 4×4 Response group that formed in 2006 and is now a registered charity covering the whole of Wales providing support to the Emergency Planning Officers, the Emergency Services, and other organisations. The group is managed as five separate regions with an overarching management group that ensures consistency in procedures and training. We carry public liability insurance for our activities.

4×4 Response Wales provides transport for essential people, supplies and equipment to and from locations during severe weather such as snow and floods or where it is necessary to use access routes that normal vehicles cannot cope with.

Examples of the types of task that 4×4 Response Wales may get asked to carry out in emergency conditions include:

  • Getting doctors to patients in need of medical care
  • Delivering necessary medication to patients
  • Getting essential doctors and nurses to hospitals
  • Delivering food to families
  • Getting police officers to an accident scene
  • Getting home carers to their remote clients
  • Taking district nurses to their patients
  • Transporting outpatients to and from hospitals
  • Providing food and water to drivers and passengers stuck in their vehicles
  • Providing logistic support to Local Authorities
  • Evacuation of residents from flood risk
  • Supporting rescue organisations in severe weather and in arduous terrain
  • Providing transport for essential senior Police Officers
  • Getting people and equipment close to scene in emergencies such as heath fires

4×4 Response Wales has an established team of volunteer owners of suitable 4×4 vehicles, and in some cases trailers, that can be called upon at short notice to provide logistical support throughout Wales.

The group provides assessment and high-quality training to ensure all members are competent and equipped to provide the necessary support when called upon. Members and vehicles are assessed, and specialist equipment provided to ensure tasks can be carried out safely and effectively.

Regular training and team building activities are organised to improve the group’s capabilities and help team members work together and we can also provide 4×4 training to our clients and other organisations.

All members and Area Groups are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct

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