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Advanced & Further Training

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Beyond the Basic Responder Training all members can take part in any of the other training elements shown on the Training and Development Matrix.

Advanced Responder

These elements build on the Basic Responder training and provide a level of off-road driving and risk assessment that is at a similar level to that required by the NPTC Off Road Driving accreditation.

It also includes Basic Recovery, Defensive Driving and Call-Out workshops, and also requires the member to attend and make a positive contribution to regional events in their own area.

Certain clients require a DBS check to be carried out and this is processed at Area Group level according to the requirements of the clients concerned.

Team Leader

The Team leader modules help a Responder to act as an event marshal and/or leader and provide an opportunity to develop event organisational skills.

First aid at work is taught and assessed either internally by a 4x4RW paramedic member or can be achieved in a members’s place of employment.

Training is given for those who wish to consider a role as an incident coordinator and in some areas a trailer training module is required where clients require their trailers to be towed.


Coordinators (those who lead Area Groups) or Incident Controllers are encouraged to develop their driving skills, trailer work and winching skills to the NPTC City & Guilds Level 2 Certification so that they can advise their teams appropriately when deployment conditions deteriorate. This also provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to organise the necessary driving training for the Responders in their groups.

Coordinators are also encouraged to gain high level First Aid training, support the development of relationships with new clients, organise training events and take responsibility for the recruitment of new members.

Non-Driving Roles

4×4 Response Wales is an equal opportunities organisation and we try to provide appropriate training to enable non-driving and/or members with a physical or mental impairment to fulfil their potential within the training that we offer.

The Training and Development Matrix provides a pathway for members who wish to contribute in ways other than 4×4 driving and deployment. Please ask to discuss potential roles with the leader of the Area Group closest to your location.

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