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Pre-winter Training, 22 October 2022

Over the weekend of 22nd October we held a training day at Walters arena. However it had an added element of being partially at night to really test our responders. As the saying goes we don’t get called out in the fine weather.

We had various exercises including, what 3 words, first on scene, and of course off road driving. We had several new members join and more experienced members. The training teams were brilliant and truly catered for all levels. All thoroughly enjoyed and gained valuable call out experience ready for the winter. The more experienced enjoyed the added challenges of the dark and the new members rose to the challenge. It was a great team building experience for all the members also as the exercises needed team work and care to not get lost in the vast expanse of Walters at night. Luckily all the team were accounted for at the end of the night and look forward to what this winter holds.

Race for Life Shine 2022, 8th October 2022

4×4 Response (South & South West Wales ) were once again proud to give logistical support for the 2022 Cancer Research ‘Race for Life’ events throughout South and South West Wales.

This is our second year assisting the Cancer Research Race for Life events, and it’s been an honour and privilege to do so.The enthusiasm dedication commitment dynamism and all round application of the RFL’ events team and volunteers is both humbling and enlightening to behold.

We, the 4×4 group Responders have been made to feel welcome and treated as ‘one of the family’ and appreciate the efforts made upon our behalf.

This season has seen RFL (Wales) events take place at Aberystwyth, Llanelli, Bridgend, Cwmbran, Cardiff, Swansea and Oakwood theme park. Each raised different challenges and emphasised the requirement for good communication and teamwork between the RFL events team and 4×4 Response to ensure the foundation for a successful day out for all concerned. A massive thank you to all of our group members who volunteered for the various events and ensured the wonderful participants were able to honour their loved ones, and raise much needed funds along the way.

The RFL events team often stated they genuinely couldn’t have coped without us, and that we as a group go above and beyond what’s expected of us. That’s very kind of them to say so, but in all honesty I think you’ll agree we just pick up on their positivity and dedication and it fuses into our resultant performance and enjoyment of each event. 4×4 Response members also attended a ‘Cancer Conversation Seminar’ at the magnificent Coal Exchange building in Cardiff Bay.

It bought together the RFL events team, Sponsors, Supporters, Fund raisers, Specialist nursing staff, Senior research personnel and Scientists.Speeches were given by Cancer Research senior management, Scientists and a poignant personal story given by a young girl suffering stage 3 breast cancer ( brave young lady, it reduced all to tears ). – amongst others too. It gave an interesting informative and surprising insight into Cancer virus recognition and treatment, research and hopefully, helping to give cures for many people suffering the curse of the big ‘C’.Firstly, a mention to both Sophie and Kimberley who have alternated Event/Course Manager duties throughout the season, and have been an absolute revelation ! Secondly, a big thank you to ‘Jim’, volunteer extraordinaire ! Jim completed all the Welsh RFL events and also took part in many other events both sides of the border raising thousands of pounds for Cancer research in the process. Jim is a cancer survivor and has a personal crusade bringing his unique personality to help ensure others get to ‘ring the bell’ after being given the all clear in future – well done mate.

So, with the 2022 Cancer Research Race for Life season nearly at an end ( Cardiff Shine event, Friday 7th October still to go) Once again, a massive thank you to all the 4×4 Responders who volunteered and assisted at the various events throughout Wales, it will be fantastic to see as many of you as possible next year. You don’t need a 4×4, – a van, car, or wheel barrow will suffice.

The Race for Life Events team is so proud of you, and you should be proud of the efforts you’ve made too – every little helps, every penny counts.

Now have a nice Christmas and see you next year. Phil Magness.

Neath Port Talbot CVS Award Night, 12th July 2022

This week 4×4 Response South Wales was honoured to be invited to an award ceremony hosted by Neath Port Talbot CVS. We were presented with two awards.

The group as a whole were presented with an award for Community Group of the Year presented by Stephen Rodgers ESQ JP.

The group leader James Ward was given a Community Unsung Heros award also presented by Stephen Rodgers and accepted by John Banfield on Mr. Ward’s behalf.

We are very greatful to be presented with these awards along side so many other inspiring groups, organisations and individuals, all of which have worked hard to help others in the Neath Port Talbot area.

We’d like to thank Andrew Lambert Photography for allowing us to use these photos


Pembry Endurance GB, 24th April 2022

Supporting events around South Wales is a great way for our Responders to practice the important skills that they will need in times of deployment.

This weekend was all about communications, as a team of Responders supported the Welsh Endurance Championships held in Pembrey.

4×4 Response South Wales set up and controlled the communications, as-well as manning several control points.

The challenging terrain in Pembrey called for some specialist equipment. If you look through the pictures below you will see utilised a Clark 12m pump up mast with 1/4 wave vertical aerial. Responders used Hytera business handheld radios, control used a Simoco SRM 9000 radio.

It was decided to use radio instead of Zello to give responders experience of other forms of communication available.

The great weather and fantastic views were complemented by the welcoming staff and competitors, ensuring that all Responders had a great weekend, a successful event and some even got a tan!!

Welsh Xtrem, 2022

Year 10 for the #Xtrem

We are truly grateful to have been a part of this fantastic event. Over the years our roles changed from simply running the car parking. To being more integral team players with many of our members becoming marshals and running the refuel team.

This year was much the same but with the added benefits of the weather at Walters arena. A few hardy responders stayed right to the end with many helping right from the set up. Showing truly we are #NotJustForSnow or in this case freezing sideways rain.

Year 10 was always going to be our last year supporting the Xtrem as The Welsh team drew the event to a fantastic finale. Soon we will be onto the #One50 and looking forward to it.

2021 Round-up, 1st January 2022

Where to start with trying to sum this year up!?

2021 has been another hard year for many amongst us due to COVID-19.

We have seen it all from the snow and flooding early on in the year, where we had Responders transporting district nurses and carers to patients. To the inclusion in a BBC Crimewatch episode, showcasing the work we do as Responders. During January alone we covered over 2500 miles with no less than 18 Responders deployed, many doing multiple deployments.

We have an exciting year in store for 2022 with many things waiting in the wings such as water safety training for all Responders.

Also we have been truly humbled to be a part of some amazing events, be this assisting at the Welsh Xtrem and ONE50, or the countless other events and shows that our events team consistently organise. Some standout events this year are the Cancer Research UK Race for Life events. It’s been truly humbling to be part of these, and we are looking forward to our involvement in the next season.

This year has seen some outstanding training taking place across the whole syllabus from off road driving and radio operations, to aedtraining, and all in between.

We have also carried out off road driving and winter awareness for some of our partner organisations.

The coming year will will not see us stand still, but we will move forward and with the help and support of all the new members and seasoned Responders we shall strive to build on the hard work and sound foundations of the the Group, as well as ensure we are giving the best service we can in the most professional manner possible.

So let’s all raise a glass to one another not just those in our own Group but to all of 4×4 Response Wales and our extended family Network of 4×4 Response UK for 2022.



Permission Community Champions, 17th December 2021

4×4 Response South Wales are delighted to have been selected as Community Champions and receive this generous donation from Persimmon Homes. The donation will be used to purchase additional equipment and provide further training for our forever increasing group of responders and volunteers. Here is the press release from Persimmon –

Responders backed with grand donationA volunteer group which uses 4×4 vehicles to deliver essentials medicines and food to hard-to-reach places during times of emergency has received a financial boost from a local housebuilder.4×4 Response Wales swings into action during severe weather such as snow and floods to access routes that normal vehicles cannot cope with.

The charity has been boosted by a £1,000 donation from Persimmon Homes East Wales through the Community Champions scheme.

Each month Persimmon donates up to £64,000 to good causes across the UK – and up to £4,000 to groups in Wales.

James Ward, South Wales Group Coordinator for 4×4 Response, said: “We’re delighted to receive this generous donation from Persimmon Homes.

“We cover the whole of Wales, providing support to the Emergency Planning Officers, the Emergency Services and other organisations, such as local health boards.

“We are required when it’s necessary to access routes that normal vehicles can’t. For example, during the first coronavirus lockdown, our responders were tasked with delivering prescriptions and medications to patients who were classed as vulnerable or shielding.

“We also delivered food supplies to those in need, including families with children who were forced to stay at home, as well as transporting nurses to stranded patients.

“Funding such as this from Persimmon helps us to continue our invaluable work.”

Victoria Williams, Sales Director at Persimmon Homes East Wales, said: “We’re proud to be able to support such a worthy cause with this money.

“These hardy volunteers go out on the roads in people’s hour of need.

“Whether it’s delivering medicine, food, or transporting people, the work they do is crucial.”

Persimmon currently has stunning homes for sale across South Wales, including St Ederyns Village in Cardiff, The Parish @ Llanilltern Village in Creigiau and Willow Court in Llantilio Pertholey.

For more information, visit

To apply for Community Champions funding, visit

Defribulator Donation, 8th December 2021

In light of the time of year and the season of giving the The Welsh Event team kindly donated a defibrillator to us. There are no words to describe how grateful we are for this extremely generous gift. It will come now to all events and training we host. 4×4 Response South Wales hope to never find ourselves in a situation where we need to use our defib. However we now have the confidence knowing it’ll be available to our responders should anyone ever require it. As a group we are extremely lucky to have undergone defibrillator training to accompany our our gift.

One50, 17th November 2021

We were very lucky for the kind weather last weekend for the One50. The members were out in force from manning the main gate/car park, a spot of race marshalling, being part of the refuelling team, giving out competitor key tags and Covid marshalling. Luckily all our members have undertaken marshal training as it certainly came in handy as they were finally allowed spectators at the event. The team could never stand still for too long without being called upon. However team work is all part and parcel of a well run event which the One50 and any of the The Welsh events always are. Not too long now till the next one!

Easy Fundraising, 14th November 2021

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With Christmas just around the corner and online retail sales soaring, please can we encourage you to support us by joining easyfundraising and choosing 4×4 Response Wales as your chosen cause.

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How does it work?

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Thank you for your continued support

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