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Crime Watch UK, 19th March 2021

For those who didn’t know 4×4 response had a mention on BBC Crimewatch UK and we promise it wasn’t part of some of the UK’s Most Wanted ! !

The clip featured 4×4 Response South Wales4×4 Response South West Wales as well as Northants 4×4 Response.

It highlighted just how invaluable a service not just the above groups have been but all of the groups across the 4×4 Response UK Network are.

Nobody could have imagined just how many miles we would have all covered, not even our group Co-Ordinator James Ward.

This short clip shows a brief insight to some of the tasks we undertake as well as the training that is available to all our members it also shows how important it is we keep it as up to date as possible so all members can be utilised in a time of need.

When the world is in a better place the group has a lot more training planned so everybody can be included and utilised when needed. If your interested in becoming a member then message the page and one of our team will get back to you.

The segment is available to watch here

End of Year Recap, 31st December 2020

OH!! What A Year……..

As 2020 comes to a close, our Regional Coordinator James Ward reflects on what has proven to be a very challenging, yet highly productive year for 4×4 Response South Wales.

“In what has been an exceptionally busy year for 4×4 Response South Wales, we have not just grown in membership but also increased our professionalism and operational capability.

In a year that first saw us deployed on Storm Dennis the group rapidly transitioned into new territory, re rolling itself to assist community groups and local authorities during the first Covid-19 lockdown. In a period of uncertainty and trepidation, the selfless acts carried out by all responders showed that this Group truly isn’t just here for bad weather, but can form part of any organisations resilience planning.

Despite being exceptionally busy the group has also completed several training exercises and shown its adaptability in embracing technology for both meetings and training seminars.

Our members have also taken the decision to elect a regional committee to oversee the running of our group, which has allowed us to spread out the workload and utilise the skillsets of our members effectively.

As we are now entering into what has traditionally been our busier months due to seasonal inclement weather, we have already experienced extended periods of standby, with the Group ready to deploy in assistance of our partner agencies if called upon.

I would like to thank all the Responders for their hard work this year, and I for one look forward to 2021 where I am sure we can once again move 4×4 Response South Wales forward through the hard work and determination of our members.

James Ward – Regional Coordinator, 4×4 Response South Wales”

Final Covid-19 Task, 28th August 2020

After the best part of five challenging months our 4×4 Response South Wales volunteers have completed their final COVID19 tasks. Our group was the first 4×4 Response group in the UK to take on COVID19 tasks and as a result the majority of other regions have followed suit. As a result of how well our group has dealt with providing support to the most vulnerable in society during the COVID19 pandemic, many agencies are coming to ourselves to set up formal contracts to have support over the challenging winter months ahead. Massive praise must go to our regional controller James Ward, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that responders were deployed appropriately so that all tasks were completed to the highest possible standard and efficiency.We are ever so proud of our responders that really have gone above and beyond over the last five months. Thank you!

Below is summary of the final figures for our Covid-19 tasks:

Responders Deployed – 38

Days On Standby – 131

Miles Covered – 17,618

nhs Prescriptions – 1460

PPE Deliveries – 19

Food Bank Deliveries – 61

Volunteer Hours – 3809

Separate Tasks – 1579

Covid Test Marquees – 4

Miscellaneous Tasks – 39

Covid-19 Update, 15th June 2020

Day 91 and we are still going strong although demand for our services has started to ease which is a good thing as our volunteers are slowly having to get back to some form of normality. So here is another snapshot of what we have been up to during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Miles Covered – 9912

NHS UK Prescriptions – 1212

PPE Deliveries – 18

Food Bank Deliveries – 42

Volunteer Hours – 2437

Separate Tasks – 1312

Covid Test Marquees – 4

Miscellaneous Tasks – 36

Competition Winner, 3rd June 2020

Congratulations to Ruben (6) for winning our colouring competition!

Covid-19 Alternative Tasks,19th May 2020

This has to be one of 4×4 Response South Wales more unusual COVID-19 tasks!

One of our Responders was contacted directly by a front line worker to see if it would be possible to collect a caravan. At first he thought it was a strange time for someone to be thinking about holidays, but then he got the full story.

The frontline worker was returning to work after a few day off at the start of the lockdown but she was concerned about passing anything on to her family, especially her young daughter. A friend had offered the use of a caravan to go on to her drive but it wasn’t possible to get it out of storage so the decision was made to buy one. Only one problem, no suitable tow vehicle……….

Step in our Responder Jonny Budd! As an experienced caravaner, Jonny was up for the task and so on the Sunday morning he made the short trip up the M4 to make the collection. Once back at the home address, the caravan was set up and everything was checked to be working. The task was completed without any problems. Result, one very grateful and relieved front line worker!

Covid-19 Support, 6th May 2020

4×4 Response South Wales – supporting agencies to support our communities. 4×4 Response South Wales have been working closely with a variety of agencies since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a list of all the agencies we are currently supporting during this challenging time –

Age Cymru

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

CAVS Carmarthenshire


Hywel Dda Health Board

Neath Port Talbot CVS

Swansea Bay NHS

Swansea Council for Voluntary Service

The Trussell Trust

TLC Wales Fostering

With so many new agencies involved it has been a huge logistical challenge for our regional controller and responders to ensure we are able to complete all tasks supporting the most vulnerable members of our communities. The reputation and enthusiasm of our qualified, Enhanced DBS checked responders have resulted in many of these agencies making initial contact with ourselves for support, with many of them now choosing 4×4 Response South Wales as their primary call for support during these challenging times. 4×4 Response South Wales look forward to working closely with all of these agencies offering alternative means of support in the future.

Notes, 28th April 2020

It’s just things like this that make it all worthwhile. This is what welcomed one of our Responders when out on task delivering some prescriptions. It’s just the small things that goes to show we are doing our bit in times of need during this current Covid-19 pandemic.

Gregs Food Bank Donation, 25th March 2020

Today a number of responders were deployed by the 4×4 Response South Wales Regional Controller to undertake a monumental challenge. A couple of days prior our Regional Controller was approached by the area manager for Greggs to enquire if 4×4 Response South Wales were able to assist in distributing all the food from their local stores between Cardiff and Barry as they had to close today due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Greggs had already contacted some local food banks, however they were unable to handle the vast quantity of food in question. 4×4 Response South Wales were not willing to sit back and let all the good food go to waste. Our Regional Controller liaised extensively with the appropriate team at Cardiff County Council to put a plan in place to ensure the food got to those that needed it most. The first task of the operation was for our Responders to collect all of the fresh goods from the 14 stores, load it into their vehicles and transport it to the central Cardiff County Council hub. From the hub the food was then divided and then transported by the Responders out to various food banks and hostels throughout the region.

A massive thank you to all the Responders that volunteered to assist today, because of your actions the food got to those members of our communities that needed it most!

Storm Dennis, 13th March 2020

A successful deployment for the 4×4 Response Wales South Wales group helping with Storm Dennis. Throughout the day we assisted communities by transporting members of the public displaced by flooding back to their homes once the waters had receded. By doing so the temporary accommodation set up in the local sports center was able to close earlier than expected and move their staff and responders to different locations.

As well as this we assisted with the transportation of essential workers to Ysbyty Cwm Cynon Hospital in Mountain Ash. Staff were able to perform their usual duties without having to worry about transportation or the administration staff having to find replacements for their shifts.

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