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Our Clients

Who We Work With

4×4 Response Wales works with many public body and charity partner organisations across Wales including:

  • Police Services
  • Fire & Rescue Services
  • County and County Borough Councils
  • Health Boards and Trusts
  • Welsh Ambulance Service Trust
  • Local Voluntary Councils
  • Charities

Defender In Snow

We assist our partners by providing them with 4×4 resources in times of severe weather such as snow, ice & floods and other emergencies such as wildfires & pandemics.

During severe weather we mainly provide transport for key workers, for example doctors, nurses and carers to ensure that they can work their shifts even when the road conditions are too difficult for them to manage in their own vehicles and in one area we are providing flood support to a Fire & Rescue Service.

Other Emergencies

Support during other emergencies can include assistance with transport and movement of staff and the public, as well as logistics support including the movement of equipment and supplies. Pandemic support included prescription deliveries, bulk food and household deliveries, PPE distribution often working in partnership with Local Voluntary Councils. Wildfire support can include transport of Fire & Rescue officers, bulk water and fire fighting equipment transport to off-tarmac locations. In one area we provide assistance with the towing of Police Major Incident Trailers.

Service Agreements

Each of our regional areas arranges service agreements with the public bodies in their specific areas. These areas often mirror police, fire & rescue, ambulance or council areas. You can find out which agreements are currently in place here.

Client Training

In addition to providing operational support and assistance we can also provide 4×4 severe weather and off-tarmac training for public body and charity organisation staff. We can also arrange a range of other practical training and events on request. You can read more about what we can provide here.

Area Groups

Most of our area groups are active within the Local Resilience Forums and we maintain regular contact with the key personnel in each of our partner organisations to make sure that our competencies meet their requirements and that our communications and state of readiness are at the required level.

If you are a potential client and would like to know more, or would like us to make contact with you in your area, please contact us here.

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