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Code of Conduct

All members of 4×4 Response Wales are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct at all times when representing 4×4 Response Wales.

The members and officers of 4×4 Response Wales work hard to provide a professional service to Clients and to present a professional and responsible image to the public, our Clients and the authorities in Wales.

It is vital that all members conduct themselves in a way that does not damage the reputation or image of 4×4 Response Wales or our Clients when on duty, when using their badged 4×4 vehicles for leisure or when interacting with the public at large.

The following code of conduct therefore is a condition of membership:

  1. Members are expected to conduct themselves professionally and not to bring into disrepute the name of 4×4 Response Wales or the UK National 4×4 Response network.
  2. Members should not discuss any Call-Out details with any members of the public, press or other media representatives and members must keep all names and details of Call-Out recipients confidential.
  3. Members are expected to remain courteous and polite at all times when interacting with the public, Clients, the authorities and other members.
  4. 4×4 Response Wales events are open to juniors and family; members are expected to refrain from foul language at 4×4 Response Wales events and when interacting with the public, Clients, the authorities and other members.
  5. Radio communications are open to the public and can be monitored by Ofcom; Members should refrain from expressing political and religious views or foul language in radio communications, over the internet or in any other form of communication, and otherwise shall comply with the Ofcom amateur radio rules.
  6. 4×4 Response Wales is an equal opportunities organisation and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, prejudice or abuse to any person.
  7. Members are expected to use their vehicles entirely within the law. 4×4 Response Wales supports the initiatives and codes of conduct defined by Tread-Lightly and adopts those standards for all off-tarmac access and use. Members are expected to follow these guidelines both when on 4×4 Response Wales duty and when using their vehicles for leisure.
  8. Members are expected to maintain their vehicles in a legal and roadworthy condition at all times and to ensure that they have adequate insurance when used on 4×4 Response Wales volunteer duties.
  9. If any member has a grievance they should first speak to their Area Group leader, but if they feel that they cannot, or if the matter is not resolved, they should contact area leader or a Trustee.

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