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Covid-19 Alternative Tasks,19th May 2020

This has to be one of 4×4 Response South Wales more unusual COVID-19 tasks!

One of our Responders was contacted directly by a front line worker to see if it would be possible to collect a caravan. At first he thought it was a strange time for someone to be thinking about holidays, but then he got the full story.

The frontline worker was returning to work after a few day off at the start of the lockdown but she was concerned about passing anything on to her family, especially her young daughter. A friend had offered the use of a caravan to go on to her drive but it wasn’t possible to get it out of storage so the decision was made to buy one. Only one problem, no suitable tow vehicle……….

Step in our Responder Jonny Budd! As an experienced caravaner, Jonny was up for the task and so on the Sunday morning he made the short trip up the M4 to make the collection. Once back at the home address, the caravan was set up and everything was checked to be working. The task was completed without any problems. Result, one very grateful and relieved front line worker!

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