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Crime Watch UK, 19th March 2021

For those who didn’t know 4×4 response had a mention on BBC Crimewatch UK and we promise it wasn’t part of some of the UK’s Most Wanted ! !

The clip featured 4×4 Response South Wales4×4 Response South West Wales as well as Northants 4×4 Response.

It highlighted just how invaluable a service not just the above groups have been but all of the groups across the 4×4 Response UK Network are.

Nobody could have imagined just how many miles we would have all covered, not even our group Co-Ordinator James Ward.

This short clip shows a brief insight to some of the tasks we undertake as well as the training that is available to all our members it also shows how important it is we keep it as up to date as possible so all members can be utilised in a time of need.

When the world is in a better place the group has a lot more training planned so everybody can be included and utilised when needed. If your interested in becoming a member then message the page and one of our team will get back to you.

The segment is available to watch here

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