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End of Year Recap, 31st December 2020

OH!! What A Year……..

As 2020 comes to a close, our Regional Coordinator James Ward reflects on what has proven to be a very challenging, yet highly productive year for 4×4 Response South Wales.

“In what has been an exceptionally busy year for 4×4 Response South Wales, we have not just grown in membership but also increased our professionalism and operational capability.

In a year that first saw us deployed on Storm Dennis the group rapidly transitioned into new territory, re rolling itself to assist community groups and local authorities during the first Covid-19 lockdown. In a period of uncertainty and trepidation, the selfless acts carried out by all responders showed that this Group truly isn’t just here for bad weather, but can form part of any organisations resilience planning.

Despite being exceptionally busy the group has also completed several training exercises and shown its adaptability in embracing technology for both meetings and training seminars.

Our members have also taken the decision to elect a regional committee to oversee the running of our group, which has allowed us to spread out the workload and utilise the skillsets of our members effectively.

As we are now entering into what has traditionally been our busier months due to seasonal inclement weather, we have already experienced extended periods of standby, with the Group ready to deploy in assistance of our partner agencies if called upon.

I would like to thank all the Responders for their hard work this year, and I for one look forward to 2021 where I am sure we can once again move 4×4 Response South Wales forward through the hard work and determination of our members.

James Ward – Regional Coordinator, 4×4 Response South Wales”

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