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Final Covid-19 Task, 28th August 2020

After the best part of five challenging months our 4×4 Response South Wales volunteers have completed their final COVID19 tasks. Our group was the first 4×4 Response group in the UK to take on COVID19 tasks and as a result the majority of other regions have followed suit. As a result of how well our group has dealt with providing support to the most vulnerable in society during the COVID19 pandemic, many agencies are coming to ourselves to set up formal contracts to have support over the challenging winter months ahead. Massive praise must go to our regional controller James Ward, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that responders were deployed appropriately so that all tasks were completed to the highest possible standard and efficiency.We are ever so proud of our responders that really have gone above and beyond over the last five months. Thank you!

Below is summary of the final figures for our Covid-19 tasks:

Responders Deployed – 38

Days On Standby – 131

Miles Covered – 17,618

nhs Prescriptions – 1460

PPE Deliveries – 19

Food Bank Deliveries – 61

Volunteer Hours – 3809

Separate Tasks – 1579

Covid Test Marquees – 4

Miscellaneous Tasks – 39

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