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Gregs Food Bank Donation, 25th March 2020

Today a number of responders were deployed by the 4×4 Response South Wales Regional Controller to undertake a monumental challenge. A couple of days prior our Regional Controller was approached by the area manager for Greggs to enquire if 4×4 Response South Wales were able to assist in distributing all the food from their local stores between Cardiff and Barry as they had to close today due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Greggs had already contacted some local food banks, however they were unable to handle the vast quantity of food in question. 4×4 Response South Wales were not willing to sit back and let all the good food go to waste. Our Regional Controller liaised extensively with the appropriate team at Cardiff County Council to put a plan in place to ensure the food got to those that needed it most. The first task of the operation was for our Responders to collect all of the fresh goods from the 14 stores, load it into their vehicles and transport it to the central Cardiff County Council hub. From the hub the food was then divided and then transported by the Responders out to various food banks and hostels throughout the region.

A massive thank you to all the Responders that volunteered to assist today, because of your actions the food got to those members of our communities that needed it most!

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