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Training Day, 19th October 2021

Responders gathered to spend the day, covering subjects including ‘First On Scene’, Dynamic Risk Assessments, Safety and Preparation, Off-Road and Severe Weather Driving Techniques and Recovery Procedures.

This included practical exercises on winching techniques, hi-lift farm jack use, and off-road driving tasks.

Each responder took away something worthwhile whether it be new skills learned, increased confidence in own ability, or a more efficient and thoughtful approach to a variety of differing problems, situations and scenarios. Many gained a greater awareness and appreciation of the subjects covered which they can apply in practice on future 4×4 Response Duties, aiding our partner organisations.

An enjoyable day was had by all that attended and it was a chance to meet and greet new members and fellow responders from the 4×4 Response South East Wales Team also.

Massive gratitude to our training team for making the event an interesting, informative and rewarding experience. A great foundation training day to build upon, well done all!

Race For Life and Cardiff Shine, 12th October 2021

Over the past few weeks, members of 4×4 Response South Wales and South West Wales have assisted marshaling charity events across South Wales. We are glad and proud to have helped out at these events. It is always a pleasure to see the attendees enjoying themselves as they help raise money for #RaceforLife and #CardiffShine.

Amongst the joy, smiles, banter and humour which was a feature at these events – let’s not forget for some, it has a particularly poignant melancholy wistful and subdued aspect.

For them, the events they attended are causes close to their heart, or an inspiration that gave them the drive, determination, will power and strength to complete the event often with a tear in the eye at the finish line. You are amazing and your efforts help raise awareness and vital funds to aid Cancer research.

“Saturday absolutely blew my mind. 16.5 hours we were on site for on apparently the warmest October evening on record and the support and team work that came from you all was honestly unreal.
We are all at the point where we are starting to run on fumes now after some of the busiest weeks together and you all just came together and got our one and only Welsh Shine absolutely flying off the ground and made sure it was the best possible experience for our supporters.

The night sky of Cardiff was completely lit up with fairy lights, glow sticks, smiles, tears, laughter, selfies, glitter, adrenaline, excitement, dancing marshals, glowing zone managers and just the best atmosphere.”

“has been beyond a pleasure having you with us at my events, especially in such a challenging year. Each and every responder who has volunteered with us has been charming, enthusiastic, motivating to our volunteers and supporters and I hope this is a partnership that will keep going and going because now you’re a part of the family I’m not letting go”

– Sophie, Cancer Research UK

Race For Life, 05th September 2021


4×4 Response South (& South West) Wales have been asked to assist with a series of #charity runs on behalf of Cancer Research UK . Under the banner Cancer Research UK Race for Life, the events will be held at various towns and Cities over the forthcoming weeks, and our 4×4 Response group are both honoured and privileged to have been asked to give logistical help and support. It’s a fantastic cause and we were both grateful and humbled to be part of the collaboration.

The first of these events took place today at the Newbridge fields, Bridgend and four of our members were there to assist. Our main duties included setting up / dismantling the twin course ( 3k and 5k runs ), marshaling duties and giving vocal support to those taking part.

We couldn’t help but be impressed by the degree of professionalism dedication and efficiency demonstrated by the organiser’s team.They were cool calm focused and displayed a maturity well beyond their comparative youth.

Again 4×4 Response South Wales proved that we’re ‘#notjustforsnow‘, and were pleased to have enhanced our reputation, public recognition and favourable acceptance, by assisting with a worthy cause and long may this particular partnership flourish.

A massive thank you to the Cancer Research team members for giving us a wonderful welcome and making us feel at ease from the very beginning.

Well done to our Response team for the effort they put in, and I’m sure the sight of so many people (both organisational and those taking part) enjoying themselves immensely and raising vital funds for Cancer Research UK, was reward enough.

Not Just for Snow, 27th August 2021

4×4 Response South Wales – Proves we are certainly not just here for snow!

As we come to the end of August, we look back at what has been an exceptionally busy yet enjoyable month for all our volunteers and responders.

welshxtrem 2021 – August began with our involvement with this exciting motorsport event. We were responsible for a number of important aspects of this event including the management of the track and trace and Covid safe procedures to ensure the safe running of the event. When not on rota we were able to experience the action which was a real privilege, as the event was sadly closed to the public due to limitations caused by the pandemic.

‘Face to Face’ Monthly Meet – for the first time in over 18months we were able to hold a face to face monthly meeting for our members. It was nice to catch up with everyone in person rather than via zoom, however for those members that were unable to make the meeting it was streamed live so nobody missed out. At this meeting we also had a presentation to show our appreciation to our regional coordinator James ‘Wardy’ Ward for the way in which he expertly managed our taskings throughout the challenging lockdowns. Thanks to his expertise along with his team’s professionalism we were able to support our MOU partners and the most vulnerable in our communities.

Porthcawl Truck Show – following on from supporting a charitable truck run a few months back, some of our members joined the big rigs at this event in Porthcawl. Fantastic event with lots of visitors, and another way to tell the wider public what we do as a group. Thanks to our members for representing 4×4 Response Wales at this event.

Swansea vintage cars how , Singleton Park – After a two year break due to the pandemic, the Swansea Vintage Car Show was back up and running last weekend. Our responders turned up in force to support this popular regional event with a mix of vehicles which attracted a lot of attention. It was a great day out with fantastic group of friends. Other than meeting the public to tell them about our organisation we also held a charity raffle of a signed Mikahakkinen kindly donated by one of our members. We raised over £150 for 4×4 Response South Wales and the winner was extremely happy. Thank you to everyone that bought a ticket to support our cause.

If you would like to join our fantastic team at 4×4 Response South Wales as a volunteer, or wish to join us and undergo training to become a responder, advanced responder or even a controller then please get in touch with us, you don’t even need a 4×4!

Singleton Classic Car Show Raffle, 22nd August 2021

Congratualtions to the winner of our raffle at the Single Classic Car Show! Here’s one very happy gentleman receiving their prize from today’s raffle. He couldn’t be happier and is sending pictures to his relatives in Kent.

Crime Watch UK, 19th March 2021

For those who didn’t know 4×4 response had a mention on BBC Crimewatch UK and we promise it wasn’t part of some of the UK’s Most Wanted ! !

The clip featured 4×4 Response South Wales4×4 Response South West Wales as well as Northants 4×4 Response.

It highlighted just how invaluable a service not just the above groups have been but all of the groups across the 4×4 Response UK Network are.

Nobody could have imagined just how many miles we would have all covered, not even our group Co-Ordinator James Ward.

This short clip shows a brief insight to some of the tasks we undertake as well as the training that is available to all our members it also shows how important it is we keep it as up to date as possible so all members can be utilised in a time of need.

When the world is in a better place the group has a lot more training planned so everybody can be included and utilised when needed. If your interested in becoming a member then message the page and one of our team will get back to you.

The segment is available to watch here

End of Year Recap, 31st December 2020

OH!! What A Year……..

As 2020 comes to a close, our Regional Coordinator James Ward reflects on what has proven to be a very challenging, yet highly productive year for 4×4 Response South Wales.

“In what has been an exceptionally busy year for 4×4 Response South Wales, we have not just grown in membership but also increased our professionalism and operational capability.

In a year that first saw us deployed on Storm Dennis the group rapidly transitioned into new territory, re rolling itself to assist community groups and local authorities during the first Covid-19 lockdown. In a period of uncertainty and trepidation, the selfless acts carried out by all responders showed that this Group truly isn’t just here for bad weather, but can form part of any organisations resilience planning.

Despite being exceptionally busy the group has also completed several training exercises and shown its adaptability in embracing technology for both meetings and training seminars.

Our members have also taken the decision to elect a regional committee to oversee the running of our group, which has allowed us to spread out the workload and utilise the skillsets of our members effectively.

As we are now entering into what has traditionally been our busier months due to seasonal inclement weather, we have already experienced extended periods of standby, with the Group ready to deploy in assistance of our partner agencies if called upon.

I would like to thank all the Responders for their hard work this year, and I for one look forward to 2021 where I am sure we can once again move 4×4 Response South Wales forward through the hard work and determination of our members.

James Ward – Regional Coordinator, 4×4 Response South Wales”

Final Covid-19 Task, 28th August 2020

After the best part of five challenging months our 4×4 Response South Wales volunteers have completed their final COVID19 tasks. Our group was the first 4×4 Response group in the UK to take on COVID19 tasks and as a result the majority of other regions have followed suit. As a result of how well our group has dealt with providing support to the most vulnerable in society during the COVID19 pandemic, many agencies are coming to ourselves to set up formal contracts to have support over the challenging winter months ahead. Massive praise must go to our regional controller James Ward, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that responders were deployed appropriately so that all tasks were completed to the highest possible standard and efficiency.We are ever so proud of our responders that really have gone above and beyond over the last five months. Thank you!

Below is summary of the final figures for our Covid-19 tasks:

Responders Deployed – 38

Days On Standby – 131

Miles Covered – 17,618

nhs Prescriptions – 1460

PPE Deliveries – 19

Food Bank Deliveries – 61

Volunteer Hours – 3809

Separate Tasks – 1579

Covid Test Marquees – 4

Miscellaneous Tasks – 39

Covid-19 Update, 15th June 2020

Day 91 and we are still going strong although demand for our services has started to ease which is a good thing as our volunteers are slowly having to get back to some form of normality. So here is another snapshot of what we have been up to during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Miles Covered – 9912

NHS UK Prescriptions – 1212

PPE Deliveries – 18

Food Bank Deliveries – 42

Volunteer Hours – 2437

Separate Tasks – 1312

Covid Test Marquees – 4

Miscellaneous Tasks – 36

Competition Winner, 3rd June 2020

Congratulations to Ruben (6) for winning our colouring competition!

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