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Pembry Endurance GB, 24th April 2022

Supporting events around South Wales is a great way for our Responders to practice the important skills that they will need in times of deployment.

This weekend was all about communications, as a team of Responders supported the Welsh Endurance Championships held in Pembrey.

4×4 Response South Wales set up and controlled the communications, as-well as manning several control points.

The challenging terrain in Pembrey called for some specialist equipment. If you look through the pictures below you will see utilised a Clark 12m pump up mast with 1/4 wave vertical aerial. Responders used Hytera business handheld radios, control used a Simoco SRM 9000 radio.

It was decided to use radio instead of Zello to give responders experience of other forms of communication available.

The great weather and fantastic views were complemented by the welcoming staff and competitors, ensuring that all Responders had a great weekend, a successful event and some even got a tan!!

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