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Pre-winter Training, 22 October 2022

Over the weekend of 22nd October we held a training day at Walters arena. However it had an added element of being partially at night to really test our responders. As the saying goes we don’t get called out in the fine weather.

We had various exercises including, what 3 words, first on scene, and of course off road driving. We had several new members join and more experienced members. The training teams were brilliant and truly catered for all levels. All thoroughly enjoyed and gained valuable call out experience ready for the winter. The more experienced enjoyed the added challenges of the dark and the new members rose to the challenge. It was a great team building experience for all the members also as the exercises needed team work and care to not get lost in the vast expanse of Walters at night. Luckily all the team were accounted for at the end of the night and look forward to what this winter holds.

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