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Training & Development Matrix

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4×4 Response Wales provides a training and development path for all members who wish to progress and develop their skills and experience. The paths available are shown on the Matrix below. The progression in terms of experience, skills and knowledge increases in each column moving from left to right.

Progress through the Matrix is not mandatory but members do have to complete at least the Basic Responder Training elements before they can receive their Responder Card and be considered for deployment on tasks.

Members can however join in any training elements that they wish to – it is not necessary to complete all the elements in each column before taking part in an element in a more advanced column.

Many of the training elements are provided free of charge to members, however members will need to provide their own vehicles and fuel, and for some elements there may be an external cost or overnight accommodation and meals that needs to be paid by the member. For more details please contact the area team nearest you.

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