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To ensure that the service provided by 4×4 Response Wales is up to a high standard and is delivered as professionally as possible, training and development takes a high priority within the Group. 4×4 Response Wales requires its Responders to undergo Basic Training before they can be deployed for one of our clients in support of an incident.

Once a member has completed his/her Basic Responder Training they can develop their skills, knowledge and experience by undertaking further training to the extent that they wish.  There is no obligation for a Responder to progress beyond the Basic level unless there is a particular requirement that needs to be met for a specific client.  Area Group leaders and/or training Officers can advise if this is the case.

Basic Responder Training

Basic Responder training consists of the following elements which can be completed either in a member’s local area or at one of a number of weekend training sessions held from time to time at various locations in Wales:

  • Vehicle inspection;
  • Vehicle Equipment Inspection;
  • Severe Weather and Off-Tarmac Driving Workshop;
  • Navigation Theory & Practical Exercises;
  • Off-Tarmac Driving Assessment;
  • First on Scene Exercise;
  • ViewRanger Workshop;
  • MSA Online Marshal Course.

Short descriptions of each Basic Responder training element can be found here.

Training Matrix

As each member completes one of the above elements they are required to enter the details on their Training & Development Matrix and have this signed off by the Marshal or Training Officer supervising their training.  Once all Basic Responder training elements are complete the member can apply to the Membership Secretary for his or her Responder Card to be issued.

4×4 Response Wales welcomes non-driving Volunteers from all walks of life and the Training & Development matrix provides a route for non-driving members to progress through the various training levels and be fully involved in all Area and Group activities.

Client Training

In addition to the training that we provide for our own members we also provide off-road training for our clients or other public body or charity staff. More information on this can be found here.

Advanced & Further Training

A member can also undertake further training from Advanced Responder, Team Leader, Coordinator through to Trustee levels.  This training is not mandatory and nor does completion of each level mean that a member is required to take up a particular role within 4×4 Response Wales, rather that they can measure their progression if that is what they want to do.  Nor is it necessary for members to complete their training in strict order of progression.  A member is free to join any training that is offered or provided from within the more advanced sections on the Training & Development Matrix, although they will be expected to complete their Basic Responder training at the earliest opportunity.

If a member wishes to complete their Advanced Responder training this can either be done at a series of local training sessions or, if preferred, it is possible to complete both the Basic and the Advanced Training and assessments over a 2½ day residential weekend training session.

Short descriptions of the Advanced and further training can be found here   

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